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Online Silent Auction Donation: Breathing Inspiration (crystal meditation bracelets)

Breathing Inspiration Bracelet "Speak Your Truth"

Breathing Inspiration

Inspired the energy of stones and a deep desire to connect others with their intentions, Breathing Inspiration is an ever-growing line of crystal meditation bracelets and accessories that are hand strung in Toronto, Canada.  Made with intention, blessed with Reiki energy, and designed with complimentary stones to ensure balanced energy, the bracelets are a perfect complement to a meditation practice, intention setting, and living mindfully.

Item 1: “You Got This” 6mm Green Aventurine beads.

Value: $25

Description: Green Aventurine is a heart chakra stone that will support you in your relationships. It is said to boost your ability to handle life changes. These green stones have the capacity to aid you in releasing anxiety and enhance your emotional well being. They will also help you to deal with inner child anxiety caused by childhood problems. These crystals are known to also be stones that aid your luck and prosperity.

Breathing Inspiration Bracelet "You Got This"

Item 2: “Speak Your Truth” 6mm Amazonite beads.

Value: $25

Description: Amazonite is called the stone of courage and Truth. It Empowers one to discover their truth, integrity, and to move beyond the fear of judgement. It provides the freedom to express ones thoughts and feelings, and to set strong and clear boundaries and self discipline. Amazonite soothes the chakras and aligns the physical body. It Rejuvenates the heart and throat chakras, enhancing loving communication in all levels. it balances out ones masculine/feminine energies.

Breathing Inspiration Bracelet "Speak Your Truth"


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