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About Us

Carry Me Close Babywearers is a Toronto-based non-profit corporation registered in Ontario, and run exclusively by volunteers. We offer carrying advice on Facebook, and “Babywearing 101” meetings twice a month in Toronto.

Our Board of Directors:
Cate Prichard (President)
Leigh Lahti (Treasurer)*
Becca Grove (Secretary)
Jennifer Lee*
Jill Taylor
Christine Billinger

Currently all members of our Board have completed completed The Canadian Babywearing School’s Babywearing Educator Course, Level I or the Center for Babywearing Studies Foundation Course. Those with an * have also completed Level 2.

Our Objects:

  1. Providing accessible instruction for parents and other caregivers in the safe and comfortable use of baby carriers according to industry best practices, online and in person.
  2. Maintaining a carrier library for the purposes of instruction in and promotion of the use of baby carriers.
  3. Supporting public health by advocating for the normalized use of baby carriers as part of mainstream infant care practices.
  4. Advocating to include babywearing and babywearing education in policy discussions surrounding public heath and infant/child care.
  5. Providing support for the training of babywearing educators.twice