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Featured Carry: Front Wrap Cross Carry (FWCC)

Baby in Front Wrap Cross Carry while parent plays with toddler

This article was originally posted on our WordPress account on April 23, 2017.

Introducing Front Wrap Cross Carry (FWCC)!

This is the usually the first carry we teach to a new wrapper. You can do this carry with a woven or stretchy wrap (with a stretchy wrap you need to spread all three passes across baby’s back for support). The passes are easy to tighten and when you master it you have gone a long way towards learning to manipulate and tighten your wrap!

This carry requires your “base size” which for a person of average size will be a size 6 – some people will use a size 5, 7, or 8. Most stretchy wraps are roughly a size 7, so most people should be able to use them to do the FWCC.

Important Safety Considerations in FWCC:

  1. All the usual safety principles apply – keep baby Visible and Kissable!
  2. Never fold or roll anything into the rails of your wrap. Doing so can push baby’s head forward and cause their chin to fall down onto their chest – putting baby’s airway at risk.
  3. When spreading a pass over the back of baby’s head, never pull it further than the back of baby’s ear and monitor carefully.
  4. Always spread 3 passes when doing FWCC in a stretchy wrap.

Helpful Videos:

We will share here some videos we find helpful for learning to do Front Wrap Cross Carry. If videos are not sufficient to meet your needs, please do not hesitate to seek out one of our events for help.

[When we share photo and video tutorials, we believe they represent good technique and relevant tips. We cannot vouch for every tutorial shared by the educators we feature. When in doubt, use your own judgement about whether a particular practice is safe – or ask a question in our Facebook group for clarification.]

This voiceless video by Britt Brown Marsh shows the FWCC with an older baby and a woven wrap.


This video by WrappingRachel shows how to spread the passes of the FWCC when using a stretchy wrap. She demonstrates with the Moby wrap and an older baby.


This video by Tooralei, Kathy Heffern,shows the FWCC with a newborn in a woven wrap.


Finally, this longer video by WrapYourBaby shows the FWCC with a newborn, with some tips for keeping the fabric away from baby’s face.


How do you like the Front Wrap Cross Carry? Where and how to do use it? Share a photo or a story in the comments!

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