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A Guide to Seeking Our Help Online

This article was originally posted on our WordPress account on March 24, 2018.

Carry Me Close volunteer educators donate their time to help local caregivers at our monthly in person meetings and on our busy Facebook page (insert link).  While in person help is superior, it’s not always possible.  Here are the steps to follow to get help from us online:

Click the following link and request entry to the Facebook group:

The page will ask you to answer three questions – these help us keep spam accounts out and ensure people are local(ish) and interested in babywearing.  If you do not answer the questions within 24 hours your request will be denied.  You can re-request entry again at any time.

Once your request has been approved read the pinned post.  It contains the rules of the group.  If you have any questions feel free to ask on the post or on the page for clarification.

Search the group!  Facebook’s search function is pretty terrible so it’s very possible that nothing helpful will come up but it’s always worth a try.

If your question is related to positioning or pain while babywearing, please take pictures for us to comment on!  Multiple angles are helpful, as is wearing a colour that contrasts with your carrier (black clothing and a black carrier is especially hard to distinguish on small mobile devices!).  It is often easier to take pictures in a mirror that using the selfie mode on your handheld device. Better yet, have a family member or friend take the photos for you.

Feel free to use stickers or other photo edits to obscure faces.  Our Facebook group is private, but there are over 3500 people in it.   As an organization we will never use your photos inside or outside of the group without your explicit written permission.

Make your post.  Add the photos and other relevant information.  Baby’s age and rough measurements (i.e. weight, length) are normally helpful if you know them, as is any related medical or developmental concerns you or baby have.

Use your own best judgement when accepting advice. Our trained volunteers offer advice on our page, but so do knowledgeable members. Never do anything you feel is unsafe. If something seems unsafe to you, it’s fine to ask for clarification or wait for someone else to weigh in.

If you can, please consider making a small donation to the group through our PayPal account here.  Donations fund insurance for the group which protects our volunteers and allows the group to keep operating.  Your donation means the next caregiver who needs help will be able to access it through Carry Me Close Babywearers online or in person at our 101 meetings.

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